We strive to build the best.

We are the digital devisers & designers of your ventures. We the denizens of planet XOR, design and develop super-proficient websites, software applications and other applications for web, mobile and desktop. Our team has the perfect blend of electro brainpower and super creative ideas that would help you turn your dreams into reality.


It all started with creativity. XOR has its firm deep roots watered with creativity and so it imparts it naturally to every fruit that develops in our planet. Our passionate and ambitious team has submitted more than 500+ projects from the past 4 years. Our mission is to turn your dreams for your ventures into our best projects. Our fun-loving environment at XOR planet is the most fertile place for dwelling creative fruitful ideas.

Planning and Analysis

We run in continuous cycles of research, analysis, implement, repeat until the final output is flawless. Our incredible strategy leaves no loopholes for weaknesses and threats. For us looking back is not an option, so we provide you with the best final product at first instance. Experiments, tries and redos are not our things because the denizens of planet XOR are the best planners and analysers.

Innovative touch

We the denizens of planet XOR have this god gifted touch “innovative touch”. Whatever we touch, we turn it into the best innovation of the times. Our dedicated team at planet XOR works hard to provide you with the best working model of our innovative idea. We have the technology, engineers and developers but innovation is a common factor of all in our excellent team.

Finalized Product

We do meticulous testing by using various software and kill all the errors which appear to us. Timely completing and delivering flawless and foolproof projects is our primary ethic. So, whatever you get from the planet XOR is absolutely flawless and finished.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Technologies are upgrading at a snowball’s pace and we believe that everyone should be a part of upgradations. Upgrade your knowledge with us. Enhance your know-how of tech with our amazing blogs coming directly from creative tech-experts, the faces behind the excellent web solutions.

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