Quick Action Plan for Tech Companies in Response to COVID-19


Tech Companies in Response to COVID-19

COVID 19 is spreading into the world as a death monger. However, there is also hope while a small percentage is recovering as of now. In India, approximately 50 people recovered out of more than 500 cases.

COVID 19: Outlook of the Tech Industry

With the statement of a will to return back to work and save the economy from Donald Trump, it is evidently proved that even the superpowers like the US are worried. A good number of Tech Companies are based out there, thus, a lot depends upon how these countries get through and what will be their action plan to get through this pandemic. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the possible steps that can be a part of a quick action plan for the Tech companies to tackle the situation.

Stand with your employees:

This is the hour where employees need constant support and motivation from their bosses and management. There have to be precautionary guidelines and safety measures laid down in addition to the regular working policies.

Don’t lay off your Employees:

In order to keep up the morale of your employees, don’t lay off them. In any Tech Industry, it can be understood that a decline in production has led to a decline in the profits, and thus has also gave birth to issues related to salary compensation. But these are times of test. The Pandemic is temporary, but the employees are permanent. IT Industry with a united mindset can definitely cope up with the development once the pandemic is gone.

Framework for Effective Work from Home:

Being an IT Industry themselves, it is an upper hand to be able to implement an effective work from home structure. A personalized platform for temporary purpose can also be devised in order to carry out the duties and tasks. Virtual meetings online, effective working with a strict laid down structure, getting reports numerous times a day can be some of the measures to minimise the losses to much extent.

Tech Industry and IT Industry: Future Outcomes and Business Behaviour

A fact that cannot be overlooked is that China has overcome this Pandemic now after an approximate three months of despair. Therefore, if the IT Industry there comes back with a kick, then it definitely means that there was an underlying action plan and strategy. 

Impact on Digital Market:

The good side of the coin is that though there might be delayed product delivery, the production can stay unaffected to much extent. Therefore​ speeding up of delivery tasks after the Pandemic curve goes down which can be done by carefully planning a strategy during lockdown days can be extremely beneficial.

IT Industry pertaining to the telecom sector:

Unlike the online shopping trend, in China when it comes to the Telecom sales, more portion of the market is dominated by the offline shops.

Thus, expanding the business reach in China can be an opportunity for IT industry to compensate for the loss of sales due to the Pandemic. Moreover, as life is gradually returning to normalcy, delayed deliveries might not be a major issue there.


9 Reasons why React Native is the Perfect Choice for Cross-Platform App Development

React Native

Here are some of the most useful Benefits of React Native for the businesses aspiring to get a cross-platform application developed for business.

Acclaimed for Outstanding Performance:

React Native is particularly known for its efficiency in creating cross-platform applications. With the help of Facebook’s react JS library, super-efficient user interfaces can be made.

Unlike other programming languages, react-native doesn’t require the additional effort, cost and time of coding several times for building and maintaining the working of application in different platforms.

Advantage of Code and Pre-Developed Element Re-Usability:

The React Native’s prominent and super-convenient open-source library has a slew of pre-developed components which can be put to use by the developers to save their effort and time. Developers can also save their time by reusing several pre-coded programs whenever the need falls.

Technology Steered by a huge Community of Developers:

In the React Native open-source library, every developer can share their bit independently to the framework and their contribution is open for all to view and use. The technology is hence being run by the highly-intellectual developers and any developer can anytime get help from the experts. Except for the communicative community of experts, Facebook also has a big name behind making the react-native suitable for developers and businesses.

Availability of Live and Hot Reloading Features:

The two different tools are extremely useful for developers. With Live reloading, the files where modifications are made can be easily compiled and read. Whereas with Hot Reloading, the changes in source code can be instantly implemented and viewed without app recompilation.

Cost-Effectiveness of the Solution:

As discussed earlier, since both, the operating systems can be coded with a single versatile programming language, the development becomes pocket-friendly as a single team of experienced react native experts can handle the tasks efficiently. Also, the maintenance costs are less when a single cross-platform application is to be worked out. 

Simple UI:

The applications made with the programming language are perfectly compatible for mobiles as a simplified mobile UI is offered. Pages with more designs with an escalated responsiveness and quick-loading speed can be made with the help of React Native.

Special Support for Several Third-Party Plugins:

Since react-native lacks some components in its main framework, it extends its support for third-party plugins through native and JavaScript modules. It lets you apply various implementations with its advanced approach towards development.

The ability of Programming Language to offer Stabilised Applications:

Data binding with React native is easier and better due to an untangled process. The programming language hence is capable of delivering highly stabilized and trustworthy applications. 

Apart from this, any effect made in child element doesn’t alter the parent data. Therefore a more controlled approach is followed. Any change needs to be applied again in case parent data needs to be changed along with child element.

Availability of Ready-to-use Libraries and Solutions:

React Native is richly sourced with handy libraries and components. Developers can make use of a wide range of libraries that are proffered for quick use.













A Nifty Guide on UI/UX Development and its Importance

UI/UX Designing Services

What is UX (User Experience) Development?

User Experience or UX Development is the process by which a basic sketch outlining the structure and location of each and every element and component of the app is created to streamline a proper flow for the user. The procedure involves the creation and improvement of a user’s journey or experience during interaction with a website or application.

What is UI (User Interface) Development?

User Interface or UI development is the procedure by which the visuality and interactivity of the website are created and enhanced. From screen or pages to buttons and other visuals that help the user interact with applications, everything comes under UI of the website or application. 

5 Main Elements of UI/UX:

  • Practicality:

This element decides the worthiness of a website or an application to the user. The ease with which the user finds the solution to his query on an application or website sums up user-friendliness, practicability or usability of the application or website.

Ideal UI/UX services compose the user experience in a way that practicality of the web or mobile solutions is maximised.

  • Information Architecture:

This element of UX concentrates in making the navigation easy for the user on all the platforms where the application or website can be operated. The passage through which the user is being directed to the information or function that he requires should be made very simple and clear.

  • Interaction Design:

This principle element of UI/UX requires the use of the right combination of creativity, technology and effective communication skills to design interfaces that are attractive, interactive and logical.

  • Wireframing:

Wireframing involves the creation of a basic sample application that includes features, practicality and looks similar to the main application that is to be developed. The wireframe is made to test how the real app would look like and how it would lead the user’s journey while he is interacting with the application or website for several purposes.

  • Visual Design:

Work on the Visual Design element focusses on enriching the look of the application. Use of relevant and appropriate images, icons, fonts, colours and logic behind several elements must be made properly by UI designers.

Why do businesses need Professional UI/UX Development Services for their growth?


  • Finer Approachability:

With the help of professional UI/UX designing services, the businesses can more effectively reach their diverse customer surfing on diverse devices or platforms

  • High-speed, High-performance and Super-Engaging Screens:

Expert UI/UX services can make your sales funnel very clear and unhindered through their impactful design and structure of the website or application. Using the minimal number of elements and keeping all the important elements, both are equally necessary at their place. Only the right UI/UX designer can strike an equal balance between both necessities without affecting the speed and engagement level of the page or screen.

  • Providing a Well-ordered and planned business website or application:

We all know how important websites and mobile applications are for businesses. With the right UI/UX designing services, businesses can make a website that actually would be convenient and likeable for the customers who are to be targetted. This can help businesses derive enormous conversions from their web presence.

All You Need to know Before Choosing ReactJS or NodeJS for your Next Java Script Project:-


nodeJS and reactjs development

Introduction to ReactJS and Node JS Development:-

ReactJS is a widely used and powerful open-source Javascript library that can be used for a wide variety of functions with the web browser. Although, if we talk about the recent times, there are a lot of programming languages which developers may find useful according to their requirements. Still, Java Script stands still giving a hard competition among the other choices. 

NodeJS is a proficient and lightweight open-source JavaScript runtime environment on the server-side that usually performs JavaScript codes outside the browser. JavaScript runs perfectly on several platforms with NodeJs environment which also makes it cross-platform.

Major Applications of ReactJS and NodeJS:- 

ReactJs is majorly used to set up:

  • Amazing Web Applications.

  • High-utility and proficient dynamic libraries.

  • Incredible UI especially furnished for interpreting large datasheets. 

NodeJS, the cross-platform and open-source JS runtime environment is useful for the following:

  • Chat-rooms, Browser Games and Streaming

  • Data collection

  • Mean stack

Benefits of using ReactJS and NodeJS:-

Benefits of ReactJS development:

  • SEO friendly

Unlike other JavaScripts, ReactJS extends the code directly from the server to browsers. This makes it more compatible with Google and other search engines.   

  • Better Performance- Fast and Secure

It performs better than other JS scripts as it develops its own virtual DOM which makes it faster and update-efficient. 

  • Utilizes high-utility component-based architecture

In ReactJS, one can create their own components and hence can access, link, reuse, bring in and integrate them into their core components.  

  • Updates more quickly

All the new updates get managed in the unique document object model. 

  • Equips you to perform more in fewer codes

It makes it more convenient for developers. 

  • Code Reusability

Developers can hence painlessly implement repeated functions by reusing the previously written codes whenever needed. It also reduces the complexity of codes. 

  • Client-side and Server-side support

More readily support available hence more utility delivered. 

Benefits of NodeJS development:

  • Comes with its package manager

The package manager and its application in applications make developers save a lot of time. The high-performance CLI enhances the efficiency of the effect.

  • Capable of being employed as Server-Side Proxy

Developers can bring data from multiple sources or can easily proxy various services with divergent response times by using the Server Side Proxy feature. 

  • Able to quickly manage massive data and files

Node has an exceptional quality of reading a huge amount of data in a very brief time. Hence developers can trust NodeJS for complex developments which have to carry and process huge amount of data. 

  • This ecosystem of thousands of package modules is highly extendable

For the kinds of applications which require such facilities, NodeJS is the perfect development aid. 

  • Capable of processing huge amounts of data hence suitable for real-time web apps

Developers can conveniently write and work out server-side applications with NodeJs.

10 Essential Things Businesses Should do before getting your App Developed from any iOS Development Services


iOS development services

Thorough market research doesn’t hurt:

You are going to start an iOS application for your brand so you should know what iOS users are expecting in a particular period of time. Go for thorough research and make sure you have a complete idea stacked, ready to come into existence.

Bring the best quality to the users. There is a lot of competition:

IOS has a large proportion of quality and dynamic users who expect a lot from the applications. And now the new year 2020 is approaching, there would be a lot of businesses coming up incredible applications. Come up with high-quality applications that can give you a competitive edge.

You would need the best and most dedicated developers for bringing the abstract idea to life:

Finding the one who provides the best expertise in iOS development services isn’t enough. You have to pick a service who serves you better and is having the level of expertise that you need for your iOS development.

While you are selecting the best service for getting your app developed, pay attention to costs:

Sometimes the famous services charge extra-ordinarily and that is the time you should know that they might not be the best choice for you. 

Research, develop, test, release, check the audience reaction. Repeat till the reaction of users is positive:

Customer is the king. Your iOS app is being developed for the users. So, you must see if the users are liking your application. Before spending too much on an app idea that is not being liked, you must give the process mentioned in the headline, a consideration. 

Pay great heed to the design. Great appealing visuals attract more audiences to your brand:

Internet is ruled by good visuals. For every customer, visuals are the first thing to judge an application. Make sure that your application looks fantastic before it is reaching the picky users.

Check if your application is coded correctly. Users usually judge the applications based on speed, size and other perimeters involved when users use the application:

An app must be checked on the basis of all perimeters before it is launched in the apple store by iOS development services hired by you. 

Give the application to family and friends and let them test it for you. Inform them to check the app from every single angle and scenario:

Professional testers might be checking the application on their end. But businesses must not leave the whole testing task over professionals. Assistance must be taken from friends, family or whoever one thinks can help before the development services are allowed to release the application for public use.

Market your application. Make it reach every possible potent customer:

No matter how superb your application is, if your user doesn’t know about it, there is no use of it. 

Don’t stop the development of the application. Make it better time by time:

iOS users love the applications that get updated from time to time. The development process must go on as the technology is an ever-changing element of the time. 



















Why the World Needs Java Development Services

java development services

Developing Android Apps For Businesses:

Today android apps for businesses are an undeniable means of connecting to the customers. JAVA is widely used by web developers to design comprehensive apps for businesses.

Development Of Highly Secure, Proficient And Flexible Enterprise Applications:

Enterprise applications are a thing of today. Businesses are working with developers to develop highly functional applications that can work incredibly to enhances productivity and integrate processes. Due to extensively high security, scalability and performance, developers and businesses agree on working in JAVA. Server Applications required in the financial service sector also use JAVA.

Development Of Highly Functional And Efficient Web Applications:

Today every business is advancing towards making a dynamic web presence for their brand. This is why web applications and eCommerce web developments are so famous. With JAVA, businesses can produce excellently functional web applications.

Development Of Application Software:

Professional Java Development Services use java for developing software tools. Many of the prominent application software are produced using Java.

Development Of Trading Application:

Java is capable of providing safe interphase for an application to work. This is why many trading applications are made in Java.

Development Of J2ME Apps:

Though Android and iOS have almost murdered the popularity of J2ME Apps. But still, where android and iOS aren’t present, J2ME exist. Many technologies today use elements from J2ME.
In many countries, J2ME apps are still famous due to wide use of low-cost handsets.

Embedded Space:

Helping Apps do Big Data Analysis Tasks:

Big businesses today are employing their workforces to scout and scrutinize big data sets. Afterall data is what helps them predict the patterns of tomorrow. Java is one of those technologies which is helping businesses perform these operations.

High-Performance Developments:

Java is known for producing high-performance applications. Its awesome features can let business attain the benefits of an ideal online presence.

Developing Applications For Scientific Purposes:

Java is famous among scientific applications. Many Java Development Services use Java for such purposes due to high levels of safety, adaptability, portability and dependability.

Developments Perfectly Getting Along with Cloud:

A large number of cloud-based applications are made by using Java. The use of Java is more common in such purposes because Java has high adaptability.

Other Applications:

High compatibility with the in-trend necessity of tech “Internet of Things”
Development of amazing games
A Secure presence on Web
Development of proficient Point of sale systems

Confused Between Mean Stack And Full-Stack? Here’s The Difference Between The Two

Today, we would talk about two terms that appear related but have a different kind of relationship than what appears by name. And those terms are mean stack and full-stack. Following two paragraphs give a basic understanding and the table shows the difference between the two:

                mean/full stack

Mean stack:

The very first meaning that the term has, is related to a web framework. Mean stack is the framework which can be perfectly allocated to a medium scale web application project. It is an open-source and free JavaScript framework. Mean stack bestows an ample number of advantages on the developers. One of the prominent advantages is code transfer which allows the developer to develop a web app on a fast pace. Other benefits are scalability, worthwhile costs, use of domain-specific language and high compatibility with cloud services.

On the other side, if we talk about the other mean stack that is the type of developer, it has a meaning which completely differs in nature. Mean stack developer is the developer who has practical knowledge of working on MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS or ReactJS and AmbarJS, NodeJS etc.  

Full-stack developer: 

Full-stack developers are those who are well versed in front end (technologies such as HTML, Bootstrap, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, NodeJS, PHP, ASP.net) and back end development. In many cases, they are also the ones working on the database, dev-ops based developments, mobile apps etc.. They are those who have hands-on know-how of OOPS, C#, Java, Python, PHP etc. 

The full-stack developers take care of the basic functions of a website such as atomization, deployment or organization, design, application and optimization. They set up the whole website and make sure that every single function of the website works flawlessly and continuously. Highly skilled full-stack professionals also have a thorough knowledge of cloud platforms, mostly IaaS and PaaS. For large scale website development projects, full-stack developers are an ideal choice.

Difference between Mean stack and full-stack:




“Mean” in the mean stack is an abbreviation of a web framework. Full-stack is related to the type of developer.  
It is employed in app development along with being the type of web developer. It is exclusively the type of developer.
Mean stack developer is excellent for a company who wants to go for app development. Full-stack developers can be the best choice for companies searching for resources for front end and back end development. A full-stack developer can solve both the purpose perfectly. 
Mean stack developers are suitable to be allocated for small to medium scale projects. Full-stack developers can be a perfect match for medium to large scale projects.
Mean stack developers already have the know-how of BFS study. Full-stack developers need to learn the BFS study separately.


Above mentioned is the difference between the two. As a business, before assigning a project to a company, one must be aware of difference between the two prominent types of developers so that a wise choice can be made.

6 Benefits Of Codeigniter Web Development Services To Businesses No One Told You About

Majority of developers today prefer CodeIgniter for web development. As a business owner, one must be aware why Codeigniter is being used this widely. Here are the 6 benefits of Codeigniter web development for businesses:


  • Effective bug handling so you get a bug free website:

Although this advantage is more to developers, the ultimate advantage is still to the businesses. With Codeigniter, the risk of bugs in code reduces as the functional interphase lends a hand to the developers to correct the errors. Due to it being efficiently equipped with automatic bug instructions and debugging messages, it is easier for developers to develop flawless solutions. Businesses hence can find reliable solutions with the help of Codeigniter web development services

  • Customization:

Codeigniter is highly customizable. The coder friendly interphase is even easy for beginners to use and do manipulations according to needs. Developers hence can make exceptionally personalised solutions with the help of Codeigniter.

  • Simple:

Learning Codeigniter is not rocket science for developers. Within very little time, they can earn proficiency in it. There are ample resources available to developers to learn the things and due to an active community, many of their doubts can also be resolved.

Hence the newest procedures can be applied by developers easily in the interphase and painlessly developer can deliver excellent solutions with minimum disparities from the requirements of businesses. 

  • Security:

The need for online security is increasing day by day and the reason is the vulnerability of business data to such a wide platform. There are numerous parties which can extract their benefits out of the personal data of businesses and so the businesses need extensive safety measures to stay securely on such an exposed platform.

With Codeigniter, a business can keep its calm and feel safe undoubtedly. There are numerous features on this framework which allow safe execution of web development by web development services

  • Flexible interphase hence coder can feel freer while development:

An innovating developer has a free hand during development if he is using the Codeigniter framework for it. A simple way out is provided by Codeigniter to execute highly complex functions in websites. And due to simple and scalable interphase, a higher extent of personalisation and innovation is possible.

This is how businesses benefit from such a convenient framework.

  • Exceptionally good performance:

The websites made by the Codeigniter surpass the performance of other websites made from other development models and who doesn’t want a proficient website for their business. After all, that is the upfront part visible to competitors and customers.

A good performance website can attract more customers which is again good for business’ sales.


There are many other benefits of using Codeigniter for web development and no doubt that is why its use is considered comfortable by many developers and efficient by the top businesses.

Get your Codeigniter web development done today by the expert web development services and reap the countless benefits for your businesses. Hire us today at XOR solutions

Here’s Where You Can Allocate The Lionized Dot Net Development

The second most famed programming language on the entire internet has been making a buzz for a long period in the industry. Bigger brands are today using the dot net development to do a broad variety of tasks due to the numerous advantages that it showers to end-user and companies employing it.

dot net development


Here’re are some of the applications of Dot Net development listed below:

  • Modernising websites according to contemporary needs:

Who doesn’t want their business to change with the most recent needs? Business scenarios are expanding today and are not settling down. In a simpler sense, businesses aren’t stopping at a certain level of success but are making progress from the existing scenarios and are making evolution happen at a snowball’s pace.

With .Net development, your software, applications and websites are highly receptive for any change. This framework won’t chicken out at a crucial stage as many others do.

  • Digitalising the business functions for good:

As talked in the point above, business scenarios are exponentially growing. So, businesses today have very fewer times to focus upon basic business functions, which is, in fact, unavoidable and very integral thing. CRMs, HRM’s, supply chain management apps, Point of sale applications, etc. , are most employable software which the modern-day organizations are using.

There are many more innovative apps which have taken over human tasks and that too for good.

Dot Net development allows developers to plan better functioning for businesses. With its abilities, it allows making ultimate business solutions.

  • Game application development:

The slew of functions and utmost versatility that .Net allows makes it highly pertinent for developing gaming solutions. It is capable of making the web as well as app solutions.

  • Flawless and unhindered communication websites and applications:

Man has become very submissive and impatient today. He doesn’t want to wait in cues nor he wants to make any extra effort for things in his life.

In this scenario, a human isn’t certainly flexible for a communication delay or hindrance.10 minutes of WhatsApp glitch, causing it to not work in certain countries, causes people to post hundreds and thousands of posts over other social media confirming about the issue and asking for its correction.

This shows how a man reacts when something as integral as communication is hindered due to any channel obstruction. 

Dot Net development lets you tailor bespoke and unflawed communication platforms, so your interaction is not delayed at any cost.

  • Mobile applications of today:

Human has developed this habit of being on phones and surfing apps. This has opened a wide opportunity for brands to get connected to their audience by means of applications. Applications obviously give a better peep into customer’s life. So, businesses are today planning to be on app stores like they wanted to be, a decade ago on the web.

.Net gives businesses to make apps that work marvellously on desktops, mobile and other devices.