A Beginners Guide to Software Development Life Cycle


Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycles, often abbreviated as SDLC, is one of the processes to design, develop and test high-quality software. It is basically a framework that defines tasks associated during the software development process. It aims to satisfy the customers needs and expectations, along with various parameters such as completion time, cost estimates, etc.

It primarily consists of seven phases, and in this blog, we have a look at them and try to shape our basic understanding of Software Development Life Cycles.

Requirement Analysis: Phase 1 of Software Development Life Cycle

This one is the first and the important step in the Software Development Life Cycle. It is just like planning out the path of Software Development according to the client requirement. Just like making a plan before execution, this step includes gathering of information from users and stakeholders, which act as input for the Development plan. With this step, the actual picture of the Development project is viewed along with minor details as well such as the Planning, risk factors, etc. These details help to draft the timeline of the project.

The Feasibility Study Phase

This is phase two. As the word suggests, the “feasibility” is all about the scope of the project and the software. There are various kinds of feasibility associated such as Economic feasibility, Operational Feasibility, Organizational feasibility, technical feasibility, and so on. 

The feasibility study helps to test the scope of the software in various parameters such as the project’s ability to get completed within the designated time, with available technical specifications, within a particular user’s environment, and so on.

Apart from that, in this phase, a SRS(Software Requirement Specifications) document is also prepared which enlists everything that should be designed and prepared during the SDLC.

Design Phase of Software Development Life Cycle

This phase consists of two parts, namely, the High Level Design and Low level design. While the high level design contains the overall system with covering details at a macro level, the low level design details the high level design at a micro level.

The high level design contains the key aspects related to the list of modules, a brief functionality of each module, database tables with key elements and the complete architectural diagrams of the project. 

On the other hand, low level design includes detailed functional logics, complete input and outputs for the modules, all interface details and listing of the error messages.

Coding Phase of the SDLC

It is the longest phase of the Software Development Life Cycle and starts right after the Design Phase. Developers have the most of the responsibility here. The tasks are divided into unit modules and thereafter assigned to the developers. Hence, the developers start the programming as per the decided programming language. 

Here, developers also write the test cases for each component that tests  the code which they have written. Alongside, they review each other’s codes too. Further they also have the task of deploying the software to the environment.

The Testing Phase in the SDLC

After the unit testing has been completed by the developers and software is completed, it is deployed into the testing environment. Here, the functionality of the software is checked as per the documented information of the software design shared with them. 

The testing phase can discover some bugs or errors, by the quality analysts and the testing team. These have to be then fixed by developers. After fixing the bugs, the developer’s team sends the updated design report to the testing team and the cycle continues until the software totally becomes bug free.

Installation/Deployment Phase 

Its main purpose is to put the solution into the production environment. Sometimes the deployment is done in a stage wise manner too. The product must be deployed first in the staging environment and be checked for any deployment issues and further be deployed to the production environment for client feedback.

Maintenance: The final step towards Software Development Life Cycle

So once the software has entered into the fully operational phase, the maintenance becomes the most important and key task to be carried out. It includes software upgrades, repairs and software repairs in case it breaks while running. Sometimes it also happens that few errors might get reported in the maintenance phase too, these have to be fixed during additional testing or through upgrading the version of the software.

Best Website Design Company: Types Of Website They Deal With

Best Website Design Company

Websites are the most important asset for any business to function these days. Especially due to the internet era which has taken over the business space as well. In order to be the Best Website Design Company, it is important to be capable of building Websites related to almost any field.

So in this blog, we will have a look on some of the top Website types that are trending and a Best Website Development Company should be proficient in building them.


Corporate Websites

These days corporate websites play a huge role in building corporate business. These types of Websites have to be multifunctional and efficient enough to carry out big business loads. As for now, not many middle scale corporates bother about having an efficient and effective Website. As a matter of fact, only about 50% of them have it.

Having a good website in corporate gives you an upper edge over your competitors.

Though you directly might not be able to sell your products through the website, the Website definitely paves a way for your potential customer to reach you.


Blog and Portfolio

Building Blogs and Portfolio Websites are a great way to connect to your audience. If you are looking for an efficient platform to showcase your work to the world, these types of websites are a must. 

Best Website Development Companies seldom provide these kinds of Services to their clients. 

To build these kinds of Websites, the developers should be able to deal with a flexible approach of the client. Generally the clients looking for these Websites seek for a more personalized feel for their website.

For example if a blogger is a travel blogger, he would like to get his Website give that feel, likewise, a musician would like his Website to give his own feel. Although, being the Best Website Development Company, it is interesting to work with such clients.


Crowdfunding Sites

Online donations and Charity is a thing these days. Building a crowdfunding Website is a very effective online way to generate the maximum amount of donations online, that too in a less time.

Having easy functionalities such as seamless payment gateways is a must feature of these types of Websites.

This is largely due to people who donate and want an easy and fast process.

This increases the probability of an increased funding.

Crowdfunding these days is also a means to raise the investment required for your cause in small amounts, but by more number of people together.


Entertainment streaming Websites

Well, all of us have probably heard of online video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime and so on. These types of Websites are a huge success in the category of entertainment field Websites. They have totally revolutionized the way the world used to watch television.


Educational Websites

Online education is a thing the world has largely witnessed in recent years. Therefore, there’s a huge probability in coming years that you recieve more and more clients who want to start such ventures. Having a creative approach is a must for these websites.

So, being a Best Website Development Company, this particular field of Websites cannot be unseen.

These Websites generally contain educational content. Textual or visual information.

These Websites can incorporate various elements such as video streaming for live classes, test sections where students can login and assess themselves.

These Websites might also contain PDF documents as notes for the students. So basically, you can add as many sections as the clients wants you to add to make the Website more efficient and working.

WordPress Web Development: A Guide to Build a Basic Website

WordPress is an open-source that is the top choice for website developers to create websites such as blogging, entertainment, education and many more. It’s a widely popular CMS which powers approximately 35% of website development on the internet. It offers you great designs, features and freedom to create the website just the way you want. So in this blog related to WordPress web development, we are going to have an overview of how you can easily create a beautiful website for any of your own purposes.

WordPress Web Development_ A Guide to Build a Basic Website

WordPress Web Development: How to Begin

To begin with the WordPress Web Development for your website, you will require a few things such as a domain name and a hosting service.

The overall procedure to build a basic website would take anything between 45 minutes to an hour.

So you begin with choosing a platform that is suitable for you. In most of the cases for beginners, choosing a self-hosted WordPress site can be a good option to begin with. It already comes with a number of designs and addons with which you can create any type of website you can think of. Creating a more efficient, functional and beautiful website thus becomes a matter of creativity and personal taste for you. 


Choose a Domain and Purchase it.

Next step is to finalize a domain name for yourself and purchase it. For that, you can refer to various online services which allow you to buy domain name for your website you’re about to build. Every website that sells domains has pricing with different slots, based on the number of services, time duration, etc. A general suggestion while purchasing a domain name is look for a domain that relates to your business also, and is easy to pronounce and remember.

After entering information into various fields such as your name, email id, address etc, you can make payment to successfully complete the purchase.

Heading towards the Actual WordPress Web Development Process.

Here comes the main part where you start your WordPress web Development for your website. To make it understand easily, here it is given in a stepwise manner.

  1. Install WordPress. You can do so by going to their official website and downloading the package to your local computer. After having done with various configurations, you can hit the install button to start with the WordPress installation to your device.
  2. Select a Theme. This is important because it decides how your website would look and what will be it’s visual appearance. The Basic WordPress website template comes with a basic pre design, which can be changed according to the appearance that you want. In case the basic themes don’t appeal to you, you can always go for various paid or free WordPress website templates. After installing the theme, you can customise it too according to your own taste.
  3. Adding Content to your site. After your basic website structure is ready, you’re good to go to further ads content to your site. You can add pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Blogs, and so on. You can add images and videos too as per the requirement of your website. So it’s just simple, add the pages, and add the posts.
  4. At the last you can do additional tweaking to your website to make it look more professional. You can add comment boxes, give a suitable site title and tagline. Additionally, you can also set up a static front page and set up navigation menus to impart lucidity to your website.

These days WordPress plugins are a great source if you want to have additional functionalities to your website according to the Services you provide. Some of them are provided by WordPress itself and some can be downloaded as a third party plugin. These plugins help you to optimise your website and also provide better functions easily.


Few stats related to WordPress web Development

  • With the ease of website development as described in this post, it is evident that WordPress is quite famous among its users. Therefore, it receives approximately a million new registered domains every 6 months.
  • It is also searched almost 3 million times every month. Such is the magic of its popularity!
  • With 2.28 billion search results, it dominated Google SERPs as well.
  • It is available in various languages too. As many as 196 languages, which is also a key reason behind its popularity over the internet space.