Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Relaxing the geographical and cost related limitations, comes the greatest innovation of the times in the form of cloud computing services. Cloud computing is a highly scalable and economic miracle that is capable of carrying a wide stretch of storage, analytics, databases, software, servers, intel, networking etc, over a defined area of internet. It has liberalized the IT sector by allowing people to avail resources remotely and pay only for what they use.

At XOR solutions, we focus to provide you outstanding cloud computing solutions which perfectly mingle with the IT infrastructure of your company. Our highly skilled engineers are continuously striving to provide the clients with an experience which stands out of basic. Get a cloud solution for your business. Here’re some of the cloud computing services that we provide:


Replace that old school on-premises software with the Software as a Service solutions and unwrap several cost and ease benefits that the all new technology showers upon you. Watching the hybrid and dynamic scenarios of today, SaaS becomes a next page solution that should certainly be opted by the progressing companies.

XOR solutions provides you unparalleled SaaS solutions for your business.


As the general software and storage options were unable to provide organizations with huge quantities of data, enough facilities, DaaS came as a cloud service serving that under-served objective. Due to its exceptional functionalities being provided with utmost efficiency, DaaS is being adopted by the organizations at a faster pace.

XOR solutions provides exceptionally magnificient DaaS solutions to businesses.


Facilitating the innovations at its fullest capacity, Platform as a Service has made the resource providence more convenient and flexible. By it, many platforms facilitating the developing, designing, delivering, testing etc. are easily made available to various work stations. The main motive of these services is to reduce the set-up requirements for the businesses.

PaaS delivered by XOR solutions are highly practicable services.


Providing infrastructure as a service is the most basic service of cloud computing solutions. Sharing of various infrastructural software, networks and storages is made possible with IaaS. The infra facilities are most employable to firms in current scenarios to speed up the production processes and deliveries at the end.

XOR solutions assists you up-to-data IaaS services. We also provide 24*7 support to help you during glitches.