Dev-ops is basically the meld bringing together the two most important functions for an IT organization- development and operations. They reduce the gaps between the two significant elements by abridging various redundant functions in the cycle of development. Basically the motive is to make development and follow up, a single process, so that a tight control can be kept.

We at XOR solutions, also follow that development isn’t the last point that concludes to delivery. This is why we rely on the dev-ops’ set of software development principles. Our dev-ops engineers leave no stone unturned to provide you with solutions that escalate the sales of your organization. We follow the following procedures in our development projects.

Plan and Code

Our code-geeks aren’t bound to traditional processes. Before coding your website, we brainstorm and plan a solution exclusively according to your requirements. After that, we allocate our best resources to work according to your requirements. This is the reason why the development deliveries by XOR solutions are more than tedious codes performing.

Build and Test

We build complete solutions for your businesses. Just like previously said, we aren’t just limited to codes. We are the builders of your business’ online appearance. So we take all the pains behind delivering you the best solution. After building, we shift our focus to testing. Our dedicated testers give a thorough feedback about the website.

Release and Deploy

After considering and correcting the issues specified by our testing team, we move to the release of the product. We then put it to the public’s reach and let people experience the excellence that our experts have just tailored for them.

Operate and Monitor

After the process, we practice our operations and monitoring processes, in which our experts screen the various issues that emerge after the release. This helps us to cover the gaps which may be left by our teams before. We hereby make our work better and deliver you an outstanding development experience.