iOS Keeps Pace with IoT and Machine Learning

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With increasing developments in technology, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, there is a significant amount of pressure on iOS developers to keep pace. It is not that they are lagging behind for Apple has released a significant amount of unique software for its iOS users. The enterprise sector focused security culture aims to establish what Apple environment is famous for – innovations at the individual level. It is no wonder they are the best ios app development company to date with many accomplishments to their credit.

Expansion of Horizons in Augmented Reality

It is delightful to keep track of the developments in iPhone application development services sector even when one is not involved in doing some pioneering work. The next generation Augmented Reality App development platform ARKit 2 is iOS 12. It includes measurement of objects and superior face tracking capabilities. It also holds promise for enhanced multiple user VR technologies. One may use the ARKit 2 to create VR art that will be visible to another person subsequently.

 Provision for Mobile Payment from Apple

Ever since mobile payment became the trend, it has become imperative for everyone to have some kind of digital wallet. Apple put forward its latest creation in ios mobile app development Apple Pay. We can use this on both the iPhone and iPad and do many payments such as food delivery, bank transactions, ticket booking, and more. It is seen that cloud integration has paved the way for enterprise applications to make use of the payment services to their advantage. While this might prove advantageous for the user, it might end up in loss of privacy.

 New Horizons of Technology in AI

On the technology front, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the game changer. Apple has designed hardware that has helped it to benefit from machine learning. The neural engine with the core processor 7 A12 Bionic is now making FaceID detection possible. Among the core custom iphone app development, devices for IoT and wearable apps remain the most important trends. All this is happening due to the significant improvement in speed of A12 that is now 5 trillion operations per second. This is much more than that of its predecessor A11. Also, Apple has come through with Core Machine Learning 2 (CoreML2) that can do tasks like identifying language and script and checking for parts of speech tags.

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