Build Personalized Relationships with Clients Using Our Responsive Email Templates

In the modern business scenarios, relationships are everything. Client and customer loyalty is earned by focusing on their personalized needs. Each and every customer of yours should feel important and valued. And personalized emails help a lot in achieving such relationships. But you can’t choose any random email template for your business.

Your customers and clients are using all kinds of devices from desktop, mobile phones to tablets. Hence, your email template has to align with the size of device, it reaches. This is what responsiveness means. Only a qualified web designer can make responsive designs. And Xor Solutions has a whole team of such designers.

Why use our responsive email template

  • We specialize in smartly utilizing the whole available space without compromising the appeal.
  • Our email templates will keep your subscribers happy.
  • You can display all the information in a personalized manner for every client.
  • Our templates make message crafting and inclusion of CTA convenient.

Our Services

Hand coded email templates

Our talented designers invest their time and skills in hand-coding the templates,which is why you receive an exceptional, responsive quality that never fails to satisfy.

Custom template design to make personalized emails

Your email template should remind your client about your business. We make it happen by including custom design features in the templates. Our designers go through your business model and understand your specific business elements that client identify with. Then, the concluded information is utilized in improving the customization of email templates.

Responsive email templates for all devices and browsers

No matter what device or browser your audiences are using, our email templates will reach them all. We design our templates for all browsers and devices. This way, your emails look top-notch and performwith seamless compatibility.

Competitive pricing to match your budget

Empowering our HTML designers with advanced frameworks, we don’t compromise with the quality ever. At the same time, we ensure that email template designs work best for your business budget. That makes us suitable for all industries and size of businesses.

Xor Solutions is one among the best IT services company located in India. We have been providing both software development and testing services for the past 3 years serving both international and domestic clients.

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