SEO Trends You Must Follow in 2019 to Boost Your Business Online

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For being the leader and best in the market, you must decide in advance about your SEO strategy. The most useful tip is to identify the future trends and design an action plan for each of these.

Following are the vital trends for SEO identified by search engine marketing consultant in 2019:

Mobile First Indexing

Typically, mobile first indexing implies that Google puts focus on the mobile version of your page with regard to ranking and indexing. This began in March 2018 and Google has started the process of migrating sites with a focus on the mobile-first index.

For this trend, the plan of action is:

  • It is high time to invest in responsive, mobile-friendly websites.
  • To understand how search engine spiders observe your mobile pages, use a mobile bot to crawl them.
  • Ascertain frequently whether users are totally satisfied with your pages.

Speed of Page

The main focus of Google is to deliver the best UX as fast as possible. Loading time ofwebsites on desktops was a huge ranking factor but is now combined with the factor of loading time of mobile page version.

Currently, mobile as well as a desktop are graded by two new metrics: Speed and Optimization. Optimization is still the crucial factor. The good news is that this factor is within your hands. Digital marketing SEO agency can help you with both speed and optimization.

Brand As Ranking Signal

Google uses online brand references in its algorithm for searching. The brand can be used as a rank signal in 2 ways. First is via brand mentions that are unlinked (searchengine considers your brand as an entity). Secondly, every context and sentiment has a particular impact: reputation, trust, advertising, etc. Based on the context, Google separates the good from bad.

Plan of Action:

  • Focus on making use of backlinks that are link less. You must mention your brand when you can.
  • Pay attention to your reputation- take care of issues related to bad experience of customers. Take help of SEO internet marketing services.
  • Focus on influencers who are positive about talking to you or are already doing it.

These are some of the top tips and trends for SEO in 2019.

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