App Development Companies: Their Role in Business

App development companies

App Development Companies play an important role in generating business for any firm. All development companies are bringing a great change in the business style by offering a wide range of features. Such as, geo-tagging, maintaining the social media platforms, and reaching out to the customers by portraying a positive brand image.

Another reason why App Development Companies are more important is due to increased usage of smartphones, and thereby, the increased number of apps being used. These companies assist the client’s business by building such apps by using cutting edge technologies. 

Need of apps in businesses

The apps improve businesses as they help them to communicate in a great way with their customers. Be it creating more exposure, easy usage, one touch access, or any other way.

Moreover, it also makes you stand apart in the competition by engaging more customers in.

An app can also aid its business in keeping up a record of sales, thus, being a credible source of analytics.

How do the apps affect business strategies?

Apps have affected the business strategies because now, the business can Target the exact audience which they want and which they believe can further be potential customers. By this strategy, business becomes more efficient and success rate increases.

Apps also bring the business early. It depends a lot upon the working of apps. A good app will help roping in a good number of users earlier than the competitors. This surely gives an upper edge to the business.

Apps also get reviews of your business which can help to bring out improvements to your business.

Adding to the above points, one key change that app usage brings to business strategies is making their services an integral part of people’s lifestyle. Therefore, if your app serves a specific purpose in people’s​ lifestyle, it is likely to be used more frequently.

App Development Companies: Bringing Business Eventually

As we proceed towards the end of this blog, you must have got by now the processes involved with the business that can come through the usage of apps.

Let’s have a look on these points which sum up all the information above in a chronological way:

  • An app development company assists you by increasing your customer base.
  • A good and efficient app plays a great role in branding also.
  • The app should be robust and lucid to use.
  • The more appealing the app is for the users, the more chances it creates for the business to spread.
  • A good app ropes in more customers to their business.
  • The app should be in synergy with the business idea and try to become a part of people’s lifestyle.

Custom Software Development, A Blessing For Our Business


Custom software development

The practice of the word “adjustment” is ceasing from the world, full of creativity and urge to work. This explains why the time of Commercial Off the Shelf(COTS) software has long gone. The timidness and weakness concealed in face of “adjustments” is slowly fading as the present-day human chooses to strive hard and work out solutions, making their lives easier rather than adjusting in the difficult scenarios. Actually, this yearn for growth has been making all the difference since the stone-age. Since then, the human has never stopped evolving and amending the thorns around.

 In the contemporary milieu, custom software development rules the world. Many businesses have already stepped out of the traditional practices and many more are advancing at a galloping pace. 

Bespoke Software development as by the name represents the formulation of a web, mobile or desktop software solution, from scratch, exclusively for a specific group of functions, users or institutions. Generally, unlike the generic commercial software, these custom developed applications work for a narrowed set of objectives. 

Reduced scope of operation means, the specific functions would be carried out more efficiently. This explains one of the advantages of such bracket of software.

There are numerous other reasons why bespoke software development works wonders for your organization. They are explained below:

  • Satiating the business needs precisely:

A professional software development company providing custom software services would help you from dusk to dawn, creating a digital replica of your business. In case of general software, you are limited in providing your identity to the software. The personal touch that custom software gives is always going to be better than the generic softwares.

  • Escalated Scalability:

With the custom software solutions, you can steer the scale of your software. Any day, your operations are enhanced, you can scale up your software and when they are shrunk, you may scale the software down. In case of generic software, the provider decides the threshold of each and every category. Hence, you have comparatively less flexibility.

  • Economical integration:

Custom software development would sooner or later prove to be lighter on your pockets. A custom software melds more conveniently and easily with the current flow of operations, infra and practices of your organization. In case of the commercial OTS, you have to adjust with the practices that are set by the provider.

  • More functionality hence higher efficacy:

A software designed exclusively for your business is obviously more functional to your business. It would have only needed features and you can also further detail those features with custom software. But in the case of the ready made software, you obviously would have some useless and some missing ones. This is the biggest con of the ready made software.

  • Tightened control:

Your customised software is obviously in the hands of yours. Anyday, you can make your developer do the possible and desired changes to your software. In case of OTS software, you surely are no one to do more than allowed changes to your purchased ready made software. Your hands are chain bound by the provider. 

  • Takeaway:

There are many other benefits that you can reap with custom software solutions. Let the experts from our software development company tell you more of them. Give a call to XOR solutions and discuss your business needs. We would be more than happy to hear from you. 

Here’s How You Can Make a Killing with Custom Android Application Development

In the world, where customer is the king, how can something common, rock sales. Something certainly has to be out of the box to strike a chord in a customer’s mind.

Personalisation, a factor steering the customer behaviour towards brands

And then comes the trend of tailored things. Customers are today running for customization. Whether it be clothes, accessories or technology, everyone wants to feel special about themselves with a personalised touch in everything around them. 

This is where the current markets are hitting. Considering it as an ultimate opportunity and taking advantage of this self-love motivated trend, the brands are making their place directly in the hearts of people by providing a unique solution for all. No doubt, it is taking much of the efforts of businesses yet it is yielding more of benefits as it is escalating the sales drastically.

Customization in technology for customers 

It is firstly important to realise that whatever in the market is being generated is either directly or indirectly made for consumers. So, whether it is a B2B or a B2C model, indirectly the technology is serving customers.

Same is with the android app development, the development whether you do for businesses or for consumers directly, the focal point is customer. In case of B2B apps, the purchaser or user of the application is making his work easier so that it can serve customers in a better way.

Benefits of personalised android application development for businesses:

android app benefits

Now that the trend of personalisation is on the minds of consumers, everything that is waving the idea of personalisation would be liked by your customers. This is how your business can figure out the benefit for itself with a personalised app:

With a tailored app, you can lead your customer’s experience:

Every business has separate kind of customer and a productive business knows a lot about its customers. The business might have already done a lot of research on the routine of its consumer to locate its product in their lives.

This explains how a business can provide a completely customized experience to its customers. A business can plan and put forth the user experience in a way that customer feels homely while navigating.  

This is only possible with custom android application development. No developer knows your customer as much as you know. So, don’t let them guide your customer. Plan your customer experience today with a highly customized app. 

Only when you are secure, you can make your customers feel the same:

If you yourself have issues with security, you can’t make the customer feel safe. We here are talking about the data. You and your customer, both have entrusted your app with a large amount of data. If your security is hampered, the thousands who are trusting you with their personal, payment and other details, also have their security on stake. 

With an app which is purely made for you, you can decide where to loosen and where to tighten the security controls. Besides, you understand your customer and you know their insecurities. So, an advanced level security for things, your users are uncomfortable sharing, would make them more close to your brand. 


At the end, we know, not every developer would take this much pain. But don’t worry, we’re here. Come to XOR solutions today and get a completely personalised android app development experience. We promise, we won’t give a chance to complain.