9 Reasons why React Native is the Perfect Choice for Cross-Platform App Development

React Native

Here are some of the most useful Benefits of React Native for the businesses aspiring to get a cross-platform application developed for business.

Acclaimed for Outstanding Performance:

React Native is particularly known for its efficiency in creating cross-platform applications. With the help of Facebook’s react JS library, super-efficient user interfaces can be made.

Unlike other programming languages, react-native doesn’t require the additional effort, cost and time of coding several times for building and maintaining the working of application in different platforms.

Advantage of Code and Pre-Developed Element Re-Usability:

The React Native’s prominent and super-convenient open-source library has a slew of pre-developed components which can be put to use by the developers to save their effort and time. Developers can also save their time by reusing several pre-coded programs whenever the need falls.

Technology Steered by a huge Community of Developers:

In the React Native open-source library, every developer can share their bit independently to the framework and their contribution is open for all to view and use. The technology is hence being run by the highly-intellectual developers and any developer can anytime get help from the experts. Except for the communicative community of experts, Facebook also has a big name behind making the react-native suitable for developers and businesses.

Availability of Live and Hot Reloading Features:

The two different tools are extremely useful for developers. With Live reloading, the files where modifications are made can be easily compiled and read. Whereas with Hot Reloading, the changes in source code can be instantly implemented and viewed without app recompilation.

Cost-Effectiveness of the Solution:

As discussed earlier, since both, the operating systems can be coded with a single versatile programming language, the development becomes pocket-friendly as a single team of experienced react native experts can handle the tasks efficiently. Also, the maintenance costs are less when a single cross-platform application is to be worked out. 

Simple UI:

The applications made with the programming language are perfectly compatible for mobiles as a simplified mobile UI is offered. Pages with more designs with an escalated responsiveness and quick-loading speed can be made with the help of React Native.

Special Support for Several Third-Party Plugins:

Since react-native lacks some components in its main framework, it extends its support for third-party plugins through native and JavaScript modules. It lets you apply various implementations with its advanced approach towards development.

The ability of Programming Language to offer Stabilised Applications:

Data binding with React native is easier and better due to an untangled process. The programming language hence is capable of delivering highly stabilized and trustworthy applications. 

Apart from this, any effect made in child element doesn’t alter the parent data. Therefore a more controlled approach is followed. Any change needs to be applied again in case parent data needs to be changed along with child element.

Availability of Ready-to-use Libraries and Solutions:

React Native is richly sourced with handy libraries and components. Developers can make use of a wide range of libraries that are proffered for quick use.