5 Best Programming Languages For Android App Development


Android App Development

Android app development is a wide field these days when it comes to the role of technology in daily life. These days, Android App Development focuses a lot upon easing up the day to day tasks of the user. Additionally, different functionalities are required in an app to become successful.

Therefore, Android App Development is taking place on various platforms, with different languages in the backend to equip the apps with more functionalities. In this blog we will have a look on some key languages and tools and how they are used in Android App Development.


Java is a programming language known for its huge open source support and libraries which make your code light to execute. The whole set of tools further make it easier for the developer to implement​ creativity to the Android App Development process. The applications built on Java are also scalable. Though there have been other languages and tools lately being widely used for Android App Development, stills Java is considered as an standard development language.


Another big name when it comes to the Android app development is Kotlin. One of its key features is that it is fully interoperable with Java. It is also considered to be a widely trusted alternative to the standard Java compiler. Due to many additional improvements from the previous app development languages, Kotlin is often preferred by the developers when the requirements from the apps are specific, or the customised app development according to the users need has to be done.


Attractive UI is an important feature that any app should have. C# is the topmost choice by the developers when it comes to develop the best and interactive UI for the apps. It is usually implemented​ using the Visual studio environment. It is also an ideal language for cross platform app development.


The next language clearly not to be missed in the app development is surely Python. It also plays a great role in building the cross platform GUI applications. One of the key features of Python is being lightweight, and thus, the code that might be complex in another language can be written in a simpler way in Python and can be executed in an even simpler way. Python also allows the developers to experiment with multiple possibilities while carrying out the app development because it carries out Read, evaluate, print loop techniques


This is a language that has a good history of building diverse apps. Few points of advantages using C++ for Android app development are, smaller memory footprint, no garbage collection, etc. It can be used to build apps related to speech recognition, videos and many more. The development in C++ can usually be carried out on NDK (Native Development Kit) Environment.

Best Website Design Company: Types Of Website They Deal With

Best Website Design Company

Websites are the most important asset for any business to function these days. Especially due to the internet era which has taken over the business space as well. In order to be the Best Website Design Company, it is important to be capable of building Websites related to almost any field.

So in this blog, we will have a look on some of the top Website types that are trending and a Best Website Development Company should be proficient in building them.


Corporate Websites

These days corporate websites play a huge role in building corporate business. These types of Websites have to be multifunctional and efficient enough to carry out big business loads. As for now, not many middle scale corporates bother about having an efficient and effective Website. As a matter of fact, only about 50% of them have it.

Having a good website in corporate gives you an upper edge over your competitors.

Though you directly might not be able to sell your products through the website, the Website definitely paves a way for your potential customer to reach you.


Blog and Portfolio

Building Blogs and Portfolio Websites are a great way to connect to your audience. If you are looking for an efficient platform to showcase your work to the world, these types of websites are a must. 

Best Website Development Companies seldom provide these kinds of Services to their clients. 

To build these kinds of Websites, the developers should be able to deal with a flexible approach of the client. Generally the clients looking for these Websites seek for a more personalized feel for their website.

For example if a blogger is a travel blogger, he would like to get his Website give that feel, likewise, a musician would like his Website to give his own feel. Although, being the Best Website Development Company, it is interesting to work with such clients.


Crowdfunding Sites

Online donations and Charity is a thing these days. Building a crowdfunding Website is a very effective online way to generate the maximum amount of donations online, that too in a less time.

Having easy functionalities such as seamless payment gateways is a must feature of these types of Websites.

This is largely due to people who donate and want an easy and fast process.

This increases the probability of an increased funding.

Crowdfunding these days is also a means to raise the investment required for your cause in small amounts, but by more number of people together.


Entertainment streaming Websites

Well, all of us have probably heard of online video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime and so on. These types of Websites are a huge success in the category of entertainment field Websites. They have totally revolutionized the way the world used to watch television.


Educational Websites

Online education is a thing the world has largely witnessed in recent years. Therefore, there’s a huge probability in coming years that you recieve more and more clients who want to start such ventures. Having a creative approach is a must for these websites.

So, being a Best Website Development Company, this particular field of Websites cannot be unseen.

These Websites generally contain educational content. Textual or visual information.

These Websites can incorporate various elements such as video streaming for live classes, test sections where students can login and assess themselves.

These Websites might also contain PDF documents as notes for the students. So basically, you can add as many sections as the clients wants you to add to make the Website more efficient and working.

How to choose eCommerce Web Development Services for your online store?

eCommerce Website Development is a rising field as more and more physical stores are now shifting to online platforms partially or completely. Shifting from a physical store to online business is although seamless, but the further deal lies in managing and running your store too.

Therefore, a skilled eCommerce development is required to meet that purpose.


ECommerce Web Development Services - Xor Solutions

How to choose eCommerce Web Development Services for your online store?

Depending upon the type of the online store you want to set up, you can choose among the various options available. Some of the users want easy navigation, other’s priority is to have a good amount of functionality and so on. These additional functionalities may include additional customer feedback facilities, secure and robust payment system, one platform that fits all requirements and so on. 

These are a few factors that you might like to take into consideration which eCommerce Website Development Services to go with.

As a matter of advice, talking about ease of use and an easy setup, BigCommerce can be used. However, if you are looking for an eCommerce Website Development Services that can offer you a number of features and functionalities, SquareSpace might be a good fit for you and so on.

What are some leading eCommerce Web Development Services

The Market has various eCommerce Web Development Services. WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace Online Stores, and Magento to name a few. 

As of now, the top dominator of eCommerce Web Development Services is WooCommerce, which is followed by SquareSpace online stores and Shopify consecutively. Let us have an overview of a few of them one by one.


  • WooCommerce: Most of its success is attributed to the fact that it is linked with WordPress. WooCommerce can be installed as a plugin in WordPress on which the store can be set up further. It is mostly famous for a lucid installation procedure and an easy setup. Additionally, the base WooCommerce product is easy and is open source as well, hence it has attracted a lot more customers.


  • SquareSpace online stores: This is another eCommerce platform that helps you in building eCommerce Websites. It helps you to create a content driven platform, thus, it is informative also. So, apart from using it as an online shopping store, you can carry out tasks like blog publishing also. It is also known for providing the best design options among all the website builders and also has great analytical tools.




This one is a great tool for the ones who are looking forward to building a store through which all the necessary tasks can be carried out at one single place. Shopify offers you the functionalities related to payments, shipment, marketing and customer engagement all at one place. Shopify also allows third party developers to extend their platform. Thus, various themes, tools, etc can be added to enhance the platform more.

WordPress Web Development: A Guide to Build a Basic Website

WordPress is an open-source that is the top choice for website developers to create websites such as blogging, entertainment, education and many more. It’s a widely popular CMS which powers approximately 35% of website development on the internet. It offers you great designs, features and freedom to create the website just the way you want. So in this blog related to WordPress web development, we are going to have an overview of how you can easily create a beautiful website for any of your own purposes.

WordPress Web Development_ A Guide to Build a Basic Website

WordPress Web Development: How to Begin

To begin with the WordPress Web Development for your website, you will require a few things such as a domain name and a hosting service.

The overall procedure to build a basic website would take anything between 45 minutes to an hour.

So you begin with choosing a platform that is suitable for you. In most of the cases for beginners, choosing a self-hosted WordPress site can be a good option to begin with. It already comes with a number of designs and addons with which you can create any type of website you can think of. Creating a more efficient, functional and beautiful website thus becomes a matter of creativity and personal taste for you. 


Choose a Domain and Purchase it.

Next step is to finalize a domain name for yourself and purchase it. For that, you can refer to various online services which allow you to buy domain name for your website you’re about to build. Every website that sells domains has pricing with different slots, based on the number of services, time duration, etc. A general suggestion while purchasing a domain name is look for a domain that relates to your business also, and is easy to pronounce and remember.

After entering information into various fields such as your name, email id, address etc, you can make payment to successfully complete the purchase.

Heading towards the Actual WordPress Web Development Process.

Here comes the main part where you start your WordPress web Development for your website. To make it understand easily, here it is given in a stepwise manner.

  1. Install WordPress. You can do so by going to their official website and downloading the package to your local computer. After having done with various configurations, you can hit the install button to start with the WordPress installation to your device.
  2. Select a Theme. This is important because it decides how your website would look and what will be it’s visual appearance. The Basic WordPress website template comes with a basic pre design, which can be changed according to the appearance that you want. In case the basic themes don’t appeal to you, you can always go for various paid or free WordPress website templates. After installing the theme, you can customise it too according to your own taste.
  3. Adding Content to your site. After your basic website structure is ready, you’re good to go to further ads content to your site. You can add pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Blogs, and so on. You can add images and videos too as per the requirement of your website. So it’s just simple, add the pages, and add the posts.
  4. At the last you can do additional tweaking to your website to make it look more professional. You can add comment boxes, give a suitable site title and tagline. Additionally, you can also set up a static front page and set up navigation menus to impart lucidity to your website.

These days WordPress plugins are a great source if you want to have additional functionalities to your website according to the Services you provide. Some of them are provided by WordPress itself and some can be downloaded as a third party plugin. These plugins help you to optimise your website and also provide better functions easily.


Few stats related to WordPress web Development

  • With the ease of website development as described in this post, it is evident that WordPress is quite famous among its users. Therefore, it receives approximately a million new registered domains every 6 months.
  • It is also searched almost 3 million times every month. Such is the magic of its popularity!
  • With 2.28 billion search results, it dominated Google SERPs as well.
  • It is available in various languages too. As many as 196 languages, which is also a key reason behind its popularity over the internet space.

ECommerce Web Development: Setting up an Online Store


ECommerce Web Development Services

Online stores are the newer version of shopping nowadays. ECommerce Web Development is the technical field associated that helps you with it. Various ECommerce development tools and CMS help you to successfully build, deploy and run an online shop or store.

ECommerce Web Development: What are the tools?

Various platforms can help you out with ECommerce Web development. Thus, in the process of setting up an online shopping store, choosing a platform is the very first step.

From using various online or online website creating platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, etc, an Online Shop can be set up. However, if you want to follow a more lucid procedure, you can follow various CMS also such as Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, etc.

What are the leading Online shop types

Another important dimension to this discussion can be added by discussing the online shop types. Just like in the real world, there can be different shops for different commodities as well as a single mega store, likewise an online shopping platform can be categorised based upon the commodity or more bigger online shop investment can house a mega online store too, leading examples of which are Flipkart, Amazon, etc. 

So, having a clear idea about what kind of commodity you are going to deal with, you can choose the best aspects to build an online shop such as choosing a layout, choosing the CMS, etc.

What to consider while setting up an Online Shopping Store?

There are few general thoughts to be taken care of while setting up an online store, such as sales figures, what’s the probability of having repetitive customers, keeping a track of average customer time spent on looking for a product and so on.

Apart from the aforementioned metrics, the owner has to consider the pricing that are to be fixed for different commodities as well. It affects your average order value also. Brand values of the various that are going to be the part of your online stores also matter here.

Last but not the least, to stay ahead in the competition, your marketing strategies, customer handling techniques, products already dominated by other names, matter.

Choosing a secure payment gateway, an active customer support and feedback system are among the other essentials too.

In case you want to get the support of a reliable analysis to plan your business, Google Analytics can be a good option for you. It helps you to know about your target audience, your sales track, visitor engagement, etc. 

These critical metrics can literally boost up the success value of your online shop.


Having mentioned the above information, you can easily set up your own online shop once you are sure with your action plan. Any part of your plan that you want to execute, a solution is available for it and you are on a go to set up your own online shop.

App Development Companies: Their Role in Business

App development companies

App Development Companies play an important role in generating business for any firm. All development companies are bringing a great change in the business style by offering a wide range of features. Such as, geo-tagging, maintaining the social media platforms, and reaching out to the customers by portraying a positive brand image.

Another reason why App Development Companies are more important is due to increased usage of smartphones, and thereby, the increased number of apps being used. These companies assist the client’s business by building such apps by using cutting edge technologies. 

Need of apps in businesses

The apps improve businesses as they help them to communicate in a great way with their customers. Be it creating more exposure, easy usage, one touch access, or any other way.

Moreover, it also makes you stand apart in the competition by engaging more customers in.

An app can also aid its business in keeping up a record of sales, thus, being a credible source of analytics.

How do the apps affect business strategies?

Apps have affected the business strategies because now, the business can Target the exact audience which they want and which they believe can further be potential customers. By this strategy, business becomes more efficient and success rate increases.

Apps also bring the business early. It depends a lot upon the working of apps. A good app will help roping in a good number of users earlier than the competitors. This surely gives an upper edge to the business.

Apps also get reviews of your business which can help to bring out improvements to your business.

Adding to the above points, one key change that app usage brings to business strategies is making their services an integral part of people’s lifestyle. Therefore, if your app serves a specific purpose in people’s​ lifestyle, it is likely to be used more frequently.

App Development Companies: Bringing Business Eventually

As we proceed towards the end of this blog, you must have got by now the processes involved with the business that can come through the usage of apps.

Let’s have a look on these points which sum up all the information above in a chronological way:

  • An app development company assists you by increasing your customer base.
  • A good and efficient app plays a great role in branding also.
  • The app should be robust and lucid to use.
  • The more appealing the app is for the users, the more chances it creates for the business to spread.
  • A good app ropes in more customers to their business.
  • The app should be in synergy with the business idea and try to become a part of people’s lifestyle.

Here’s Where You Can Allocate The Lionized Dot Net Development

The second most famed programming language on the entire internet has been making a buzz for a long period in the industry. Bigger brands are today using the dot net development to do a broad variety of tasks due to the numerous advantages that it showers to end-user and companies employing it.

dot net development


Here’re are some of the applications of Dot Net development listed below:

  • Modernising websites according to contemporary needs:

Who doesn’t want their business to change with the most recent needs? Business scenarios are expanding today and are not settling down. In a simpler sense, businesses aren’t stopping at a certain level of success but are making progress from the existing scenarios and are making evolution happen at a snowball’s pace.

With .Net development, your software, applications and websites are highly receptive for any change. This framework won’t chicken out at a crucial stage as many others do.

  • Digitalising the business functions for good:

As talked in the point above, business scenarios are exponentially growing. So, businesses today have very fewer times to focus upon basic business functions, which is, in fact, unavoidable and very integral thing. CRMs, HRM’s, supply chain management apps, Point of sale applications, etc. , are most employable software which the modern-day organizations are using.

There are many more innovative apps which have taken over human tasks and that too for good.

Dot Net development allows developers to plan better functioning for businesses. With its abilities, it allows making ultimate business solutions.

  • Game application development:

The slew of functions and utmost versatility that .Net allows makes it highly pertinent for developing gaming solutions. It is capable of making the web as well as app solutions.

  • Flawless and unhindered communication websites and applications:

Man has become very submissive and impatient today. He doesn’t want to wait in cues nor he wants to make any extra effort for things in his life.

In this scenario, a human isn’t certainly flexible for a communication delay or hindrance.10 minutes of WhatsApp glitch, causing it to not work in certain countries, causes people to post hundreds and thousands of posts over other social media confirming about the issue and asking for its correction.

This shows how a man reacts when something as integral as communication is hindered due to any channel obstruction. 

Dot Net development lets you tailor bespoke and unflawed communication platforms, so your interaction is not delayed at any cost.

  • Mobile applications of today:

Human has developed this habit of being on phones and surfing apps. This has opened a wide opportunity for brands to get connected to their audience by means of applications. Applications obviously give a better peep into customer’s life. So, businesses are today planning to be on app stores like they wanted to be, a decade ago on the web.

.Net gives businesses to make apps that work marvellously on desktops, mobile and other devices. 

Custom Software Development, A Blessing For Our Business


Custom software development

The practice of the word “adjustment” is ceasing from the world, full of creativity and urge to work. This explains why the time of Commercial Off the Shelf(COTS) software has long gone. The timidness and weakness concealed in face of “adjustments” is slowly fading as the present-day human chooses to strive hard and work out solutions, making their lives easier rather than adjusting in the difficult scenarios. Actually, this yearn for growth has been making all the difference since the stone-age. Since then, the human has never stopped evolving and amending the thorns around.

 In the contemporary milieu, custom software development rules the world. Many businesses have already stepped out of the traditional practices and many more are advancing at a galloping pace. 

Bespoke Software development as by the name represents the formulation of a web, mobile or desktop software solution, from scratch, exclusively for a specific group of functions, users or institutions. Generally, unlike the generic commercial software, these custom developed applications work for a narrowed set of objectives. 

Reduced scope of operation means, the specific functions would be carried out more efficiently. This explains one of the advantages of such bracket of software.

There are numerous other reasons why bespoke software development works wonders for your organization. They are explained below:

  • Satiating the business needs precisely:

A professional software development company providing custom software services would help you from dusk to dawn, creating a digital replica of your business. In case of general software, you are limited in providing your identity to the software. The personal touch that custom software gives is always going to be better than the generic softwares.

  • Escalated Scalability:

With the custom software solutions, you can steer the scale of your software. Any day, your operations are enhanced, you can scale up your software and when they are shrunk, you may scale the software down. In case of generic software, the provider decides the threshold of each and every category. Hence, you have comparatively less flexibility.

  • Economical integration:

Custom software development would sooner or later prove to be lighter on your pockets. A custom software melds more conveniently and easily with the current flow of operations, infra and practices of your organization. In case of the commercial OTS, you have to adjust with the practices that are set by the provider.

  • More functionality hence higher efficacy:

A software designed exclusively for your business is obviously more functional to your business. It would have only needed features and you can also further detail those features with custom software. But in the case of the ready made software, you obviously would have some useless and some missing ones. This is the biggest con of the ready made software.

  • Tightened control:

Your customised software is obviously in the hands of yours. Anyday, you can make your developer do the possible and desired changes to your software. In case of OTS software, you surely are no one to do more than allowed changes to your purchased ready made software. Your hands are chain bound by the provider. 

  • Takeaway:

There are many other benefits that you can reap with custom software solutions. Let the experts from our software development company tell you more of them. Give a call to XOR solutions and discuss your business needs. We would be more than happy to hear from you. 

Here’s How Mobile App Development Is Going To Benefit Your Business In 2020 And Ahead

Your business is just a mile away from surpassing its highest profit levels. And you can speed up the process with a single step of making the mobile app for your business.

A decade ago, a website was considered one of the stepping stones, carrying you to the great masses. After those golden years that uplifted the usage of web for businesses , a huge controversial time period has passed. In the meantime, when the industries were expecting some other “big thing” from the information technology sector, to set their businesses upon, mobile application development came ahead as the next great thing that was going to rule the businesses.

Now, talking about the coming years that are going to change the businesses upside down, there would be various things that would give your business a boost, if practised with proper planning and tactics.

Benefits Of Mobile App Development In 2020 And Ahead:

Here are some of the benefits that one can take advantage of, if one takes measured moves:

  • Providing Your Customer, A More Convenient Gateway To Your Business:

No matter how much we enhance the mobile responsiveness for a website, at the end we know that apps are still the apps. The degree of efficiency and personalization that an app can provide is no way going to be less than the experience on the web.

And we all know what percentage, mobile traffic contributes to the total web usage. So, apps are going to be the next-gen stop for your business.

  • An Augmented Way To Promote Your Business:

There is surely no other easy medium coming in the near future that is going to promote the businesses this efficiently. If you go for android app development, you get a very easy peasy way to be on the more than 88%( Percentage of people using android over iOS) of customer minds, 24*7. Just like the messages of loved ones keep buzzing, your app notifications telling about coupons, offers and discounts would frequently be poking the customer

  • Better Way To Track Customer Behaviour:

Getting into the lives of people with a medium that is continuously in the hands of users, you can obviously extract more data about the user behaviour for your brand. You can get deep insights into the data telling what is making customers come and where are they stopping the process of making a purchase. With websites, there come some restrictions but with the mobile applications, nothing is going to stop you from getting deep into the lives of people.

  • Wrap:

You just need a correct mindset and a very advanced approach for your app. For the purpose, you would need an expert mobile application company doing your android or iOS app development

A simple and sober app providing basic functions is not surely a thing of the future. So, Let XOR solutions furnish a highly functional app for your business. Enquire more about our services today.