Why do companies opt for web application development?

web application

In simple terms, web applications are dynamic websites mixed with server-side programming that provide functionalities like interacting with users, linking to backend databases and generation of results to browsers.

The examples of web applications are social networking, online banking, e-commerce shopping, online reservations, interactive games, blogs, online polls, etc.

There are two major types of scripting, coding and programming for creating web applications used by a web application development company:

  • Client-side coding/ scripting: It is a kind of code which is interpreted or executed by browsers. Technologies include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MooTools and Dojo Toolkit.

  • Server-side coding/ scripting: It is a kind of code that is interpreted or executed by the web server. It is not accessible to the general public. Common technologies include PHP, Zend Framework, ASP, ASP. Net, ColdFusion, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python etc.

The demand for companies to construct web applications is rising rapidly. When planned and built properly, web applications are able to:

  • Contact and cater to millions of businesses and consumers

  • Generate multi-category/ multi-layer and substantial income from advertisers, businesses and consumers

  • Helps easily to create business goodwill and assets based on technology, popularity, audience reach as well as potential growth.

Reasons for Building Web Applications

  • Companies wish to streamline their internal functions and departments, project management, sales, etc. through custom web application development.

  • Companies wish to garner benefits of versatility and flexibility of a web-based application by moving away from the traditional desktop platform of application.

  • Companies wish to attract more clients or offer better service to existing clients by providing convenient online solutions or services.

  • Companies desire to build new web applications to provide innovative solutions and services to online businesses and users.

Business Impact

  • More opportunities for making profits compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses.

  • The explosion of the internet created a global business scenario which challenges the way in which traditional companies do business.

  • Companies are required to evolve and re-invent for meeting competition in the context of modern trends, global marketplace, and online business.

These are all some aspects of website application development.

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